Sunday , 24 September 2023
Pleated Pants Women

Pleated Pants Women

Pleated trousers

The pleated trousers are among the classics of men’s fashion and increasingly conquers the wardrobes of women. Plain and patterned pants with characteristic pleats combine casual and elegant.

Characteristic of this fashion classic is the wide cut hip area. This arises because on the front waistband two or four pleats, which the trousers owes their name, are sewn. The body is particularly high, while the legs are tapered and have a small foot width. Another typical characteristic of the classic pleated trousers is the distinctive crease in the middle of the front leg. In this form, the pants since the 1970s part of elegant men’s suits. Nowadays renowned brands interpret the fashion classic individually, whereby the basic cut with wide hips and tapered leg remains. The pants are available as a plain as well as a patterned version.

From elegant to casual: possible combinations of pleated trousers

Gentlemen wear pleated trousers in muted colors in everyday business and on festive occasions. A shirt and tie as well as a stylish jacket suit this. The elegant appearance round off noble business shoes such as Lederschnürer, Budapester or Chelsea Boots. Ladies create a business-friendly look by being classic Pleated trousers Combine with blouse, blazer and pumps. During leisure, you can choose a comfortable trousers with modern pattern and drawstring. A fine top made of silk or chiffon as well as high heels make this a trendy outfit for going out. To emphasize the pattern and focus on the trousers, combine plain, plain clothing.