Monday , 4 September 2023
The print shirt for women: expressive fashion that inspires

The print shirt for women: expressive fashion that inspires

A modern print shirt for women fits the most different styles. Find it Ladies For example, models with short sleeves, which are worn preferably in summer or under loose cardigans. In addition, they can look forward to long-sleeved shirts, which provide fashionable sophistication in the wardrobe throughout the year. The trademark of a print shirt are of course the eye-catching prints, mostly on the front. These prints always give the shirts a different style and from Asian characters to floral patterns there is something for every taste. The other colors are in the background for large motifs, so the exclusive Print the Shirts particularly well. Not only do you have to rely on black and gray printshirts, but you can also choose great variations in uni, where the colors from the print are picked up again.

A special tip: motifs or lettering in bright colors are particularly beautiful on a white top, as it emphasizes the color strength. But even with complementary colors can be great highlights set.

Combine a fancy print shirt for women

So that the print shirt is the focus of the outfit, offers a simple trousers, such as chino or trousers, with the absolute classic, of course, the jeans. Skinny jeans or jeans with flared hem are the perfect combo partners to the print shirt. It is important, depending on the style of the top to choose the right pants color: A gaudy shirt with print goes well with dark trousers, which remain so rather in the background. If you are looking for a casual street chic, you can wear a white print shirt with a loose fit to a bleached jeans. This combination looks a bit more casual when the pants have a boyfriend cut and sneakers are worn to the outfit. So a print shirt for Ladies Also convincing in the evening or at a party, there are numerous variants with exclusive details. Sequins or rhinestones bring the Shirts For example, to really shine and fringes at the hem close to the boho style. Anyone wearing a shirt like this for a short skirt will be in the best mood for the next party night.