Monday , 4 September 2023
Latest designs of high quality two ply shirts

Latest designs of high quality two ply shirts

Shirts from Two Ply

For a real premium product, which can convince with a particularly long life, you decide with a shirt Two ply Material. Whereas in the past almost all shirts were made of this material, today there are very few high quality models left.

Two ply is a special weaving technique in which longitudinal and transverse threads are twisted together. This special yarn twisting gives the shirts excellent properties: The fabric smoothes itself off easily after washing, making unsightly wrinkles a thing of the past. In addition, the material is very skin-friendly. The special chaining of the threads also creates very noble patterns that the shirts visually make a successful eye-catcher.

Especially for jacquard pattern, the special weave of the material is perfect, which is why there are numerous Two ply shirts with tasteful allover patterns. Of course, you also have plenty of plain-colored models available. For the office or special occasions are the outstanding shirts the perfect companions. But you can also integrate them quite casually into an everyday outfit and, for example, wear them to comfortable jeans.