That Denmark is a true fashion Mecca, we know not only since yesterday. The Scandinavian country offers fashion-conscious ladies an individual look that stands for joie de vivre and experimentation. Danish clothes are feminine, elegant, playful or very extravagant, so you’re sure to find the right model for your type.

Danish dresses in straightforward designs

Style awareness and clear shapes have always played an important role in Danish fashion. It’s no wonder that we encounter numerous minimalist-style dresses that turn out to be valuable basics for the wardrobe. Straight-line models in achromatic colors such as white, beige or gray simply fit any look and can be styled in a variety of ways. Blazers and pumps make the purist, Danish clothes Ready for everyday work in no time. With oversized cardigan and white sneakers, they can be wonderfully integrated into a casual street style look.

This is how ladies style colorful outfits

The Danes like it not only simple and minimalist, but also have fun with colors and patterns. With cute polka dots and flared skirts, real retro flair comes up. This fits ballerinas or pumps. If you fancy a summery look with fresh colors, then you can dream about flowered flowers clothes look forward to slightly falling fabrics. It’s extravagant with Vokuhila dresses or models with transparent cut-outs on the back and arms. These trendy clothes are just the thing for real fashionistas.

With a Danish dress for a grand entrance

On special occasions, you may like to grab one of the playful, romantic Danish dresses with a delicate lace, but also long tulle dresses in soft pastel colors are very popular. If that’s too much tam-tam for you, you can turn to black shirt dresses and turn them into a great outfit with chic tights and elegant pumps.