Business Casual Fashion for Men

Business Casual Fashion for Men

Business Casual – Stylish & elegant with a touch of coolness

As the name suggests, it borders Business Casual in its meaning quite clearly from the formal business formal, the strict business attire. The origin of this somewhat casual office clothing can be traced back to two different sources. The first decisive influence is the casual Friday introduced in the 1950s. At the end of the working week, the dress code became more casual. The second factor that the Business Casual Dress code has influenced significantly, was the oil crisis in the 70s. During this time, air-conditioning shut-offs were used in the offices to save money. Because of the heat, the business dress code, which included the tie and jacket, was greatly eased. Today, the dynamic-looking, but still always serious style of clothing from almost any office is indispensable.

Characteristics of Business Casual

Basically, the choice of the correct workwear depends on the respective industry. For example, those who work in a bank have fewer freedoms than someone from the creative industry. The suit or the costume, however, are still the most important components of the business casual style, even if it may be a bit casual and relaxed here. Simple leather shoes, in the summer sometimes moccasins or loafers, are quite welcome. The tie may be left out quite casual in men. The shirt is not, it can only be replaced by a chic polo shirt in muted colors or a short-sleeved business shirt. Also suitable are a fine knit sweater under the jacket or a plain cotton trousers. Sneakers or even jeans, even if they are combined with a shirt and jacket, are unfortunately not part of the business casual dress code.

Occasions for Business Casual

When is the right time for the business casual dress code? For example, if you are invited to have dinner with your boss. But there is always, not better dressed than the supervisor! Anyone who has an important business appointment in the evening, however, has to do without business casual and show himself from his most professional side. A business brunch, on the other hand, is a perfect occasion for Business Casualas well as sightseeing during a business trip. An internal meeting, but outside the office is also a clear case for this reduced business attire. The not so strict style of clothing, the atmosphere is relaxed.

Business Casual So it’s the perfect hybrid of seriousness and sporty elegance paired with a touch of coolness. Men and women are all doors open with this dress code.