Sunday , 17 September 2023
Asymmetrical Winter Dresses

Asymmetrical Winter Dresses

Asymmetric dresses

Whether in kindergarten, at leisure or on special occasions – asymmetric dresses for girls are always a successful eye-catcher. In addition, the models with the unusual cut just in line with the trend. The special fits make even simple dresses a fashionable eye-catcher and provide plenty of variety in the wardrobe.

How to combine an asymmetrical dress in summer and winter

For example, dresses with a sloping hem are very popular. They are on the one hand longer than on the other and bring so fresh pep in the outfit. With a casual jersey model, your daughter is perfectly equipped for kindergarten or school. These are paired with cotton tights and a pair of comfortable boots. In summer, the asymmetrical dress can be worn without pantyhose and chic strappy sandals. You can choose between plain and patterned models. For the winter, there are also asymmetrical models made of fine knitwear.

Short at the front, long at the back: trend-conscious on the road in an asymmetrical look

A true classic are Vokuhila dresses. These models are longer at the back than at the front and are available as a chic festive version or as a casual dress casual. Models made of fine fabrics such as silk and chiffon are just the thing for a special occasion. White, asymmetric dresses can even be worn for communion. Decorative embroidery and fine lace trim add a touch of elegance to girls’ vokuhila dresses.

This is how girls find the right look for holidays or leisure

Slanted decorative seams or flounces create an asymmetrical impression that turns every outfit into a fashionable highlight. Combined with denim jacket and sneakers creates a casual leisure outfit. With bolero jackets and ballerinas with a varnish surface, a festive look can be created. Just take a look around and discover the huge selection of trendy dresses for girls.