Saturday , 16 September 2023


The new understatement: clothes in brown

Clothes in brown are as elegant as ever. The color of the season, which has long been underestimated, trumps in late summer and autumn with completely new shades. So conjure up the new clothes in brown a feminine look for every occasion. Score points in everyday life or in the office clothes with modern prints like discreet check or fine animal print. With softly falling fabrics and a flattering fit, the clothes firm the look. Many accessories are superfluous here. Optimal combination is the elegant office look with leather handbag and discreet silver or gold jewelry, depending on skin type. For a relaxed fit jersey dresses provide, which adapt to the figure soft and so wonderfully comfortable. Due to a tight fit and long sleeves, these brown dresses are especially popular in autumn, because here no blazer or similar is necessary. The dress with an exciting print can really work for you! Combined with black or gray pumps, these dresses conjure up a gorgeous figure and long legs. Accented with an extravagant bag and cool sunglasses, this is the perfect look for shopping on 5th Avenue! The dresses in brown now come in great new shades: Rich Mocca Brown looks in combination with the elegant cuts sensual, light brown with print pattern is individual and speaks for itself – stylish understatement that catches the eye!

From evening event to beach – clothes in brown show class!

Delicate-flowing beach dresses are in great demand this season in Braun. Combined with a touch of lush green, the summer dresses conjure up an extravagant tropical look. For the perfect outfit at the pool may like to be trumped: Large bangles and chains in gold-green and orange give the style the exotic freshness kick and testify to style feeling. Silk-colored dresses also provide optimal heat protection, as they are both breathable and cool thanks to their protein-containing fibers. For this reason, silk dresses are not only an extravagant stylistic device by the pool, but also wonderfully enjoyable for cocktail parties on balmy summer evenings. The high-quality cocktail dresses convince in the trend color of the season: taupe, a light gray-brown. The extravagant color flatters every skin type. Due to the light sheen of the silk, the dresses make the wearer shine. Whether dark skin type or women with a very light complexion, the fashion color taupe gives every woman a special shimmer. So women with dresses in brown are perfectly styled for every occasion!