Saturday , 16 September 2023
Blue Longsleeves

Blue Longsleeves

Longsleeves in blue

These timeless tops are versatile basics that just will not go out of style and look great for both women and men in numerous combinations. Whether sporty, classic or casual – you can style a longsleeve in blue in numerous ways. It offers a wide selection of different shades of blue and fits.

Styles from timeless to hip with a blue ladies’ lingerie

For a classic look for women, wear a long-sleeve shirt in blue with a dark blue cardigan and figure-hugging jeans with a subtle wash. With a pair of ankle boots, the look is complete. Sporty ladies combine the timeless longsleeve in blue with sweatpants and comfortable sneakers. It looks casual with denim jacket, chinos and boots. In addition to many figure-hugging models, you can also grab fashionable wide-cut variants, for example, with Vokuhila-hem.

Favorite Color Blue – Longsleeves for many men’s outfits

Fashionable men like to use the classic color blue. A longsleeve in blue fits perfectly with the jeans and you can wear it under the denim jacket or the leisure jacket. In addition to the plain-colored models, blue patterned longsleeves provide variety. Blue-and-white striped long-sleeved shirts exude a maritime flair and look great with the dark blue chino. A pair of sailing shoes or simple white cloth sneakers create a harmonious overall look.