Tuesday , 12 September 2023
That is why mohair sweaters are so popular with women

That is why mohair sweaters are so popular with women

They are wonderfully soft, keep you warm and inspire with a particularly fluffy look: Sweater made of mohair. Both ladies and gentlemen like to access the high-quality tops. Thanks to a large selection of trendy designs, there is the right model for every type.

Mohair sweater consist of the hair of the Angora goat. These are very long and soft, so that the sweaters offer excellent comfort. In addition, Mohair delights with an elegant shine. For the ladies there are, for example, very classic plain-colored models with waisted cut. These sweaters look great with casual jeans as well as feminine skirts. A colorful leisure look can be with a colorful striped Mohair sweater in oversize. You can wear black leggings and comfortable boots.

This is how gentlemen create an elegant everyday outfit

The men can create a reputable leisure look with a sweater in brown or black. Simply wear a dark jeans and, if necessary, a shirt under the sweater. Also Mohair sweater Glencheck patterns are very popular. They exude English charm and go well with a beige chinos and brown leather slippers. If you fancy a splash of color, you can also grab a mohair sweater in a beautiful burgundy or a dark purple. A black slim fit jeans fits perfectly.