Tuesday , 12 September 2023
Traditional fashion for everyday life

Traditional fashion for everyday life

The fashion trends that make a comeback every season are now part of the traditional fashion, At least for the annual Oktoberfest, girls and boys are looking for hearty outfits. Despite its long tradition, the modern one traditional fashion anything but stale. The great demand has moved fashion houses and designers to interpret them again and again exciting new. This resulted in garments in which you not only look good at the folk festival.

Varied traditional fashion for men and women

The variety of colors and the wide selection of designs and patterns inspire the present traditional fashion, Whether playful floral prints, beguiling black-red combinations or noble gold and brown shades as a play of colors – it appeals to all generations and has earned its place in the heart of true fashion lovers with a certain sense of tradition. For ladies, of course, the dirndl is one of the absolute must-haves in traditional costumes. The lacing perfectly shapes the female silhouette and the low neckline creates a flattering décolleté. With a complete dirndl of blouse, bodice and apron, ladies can show their emphatically feminine side. In the men’s Trachtenhose is considered a key piece. Made of high quality materials, such as goat suede, this promises a long life. Because only with the years, a leather pants win their very individual charisma. So you should always pay attention to good quality, so you enjoy it for a long time. Complete your men’s costume outfit with a matching shirt and a traditional national costume vest.

Modern variants can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life. It does not necessarily have to be the dirndl or the battered leather: A distinctive knit cardigan with a built-in cable pattern, a blouse with Wiesn embroidery, Vichy checked ballerinas or a t-shirt with a lively deer motif – traditional fashion is more versatile than ever. Combined with jeans or a simple skirt, a pleasant Oktoberfest charm can be worn throughout the year without becoming too folksy or down-to-earth. It’s no wonder that even young people discover their passion for traditional costumes and take on a noble velvet jacket or a fancy print shirt with an Oktoberfest motif.