With this shirt size, you are right in the midfield and can choose between numerous elegant models. And also for the free time there is a whole set of tasteful ones Shirts in size 39,

Covered colors for reputable occasions

Shirt size 39 corresponds approximately to an international M or a British 15 1/2. So you can buy all these sizes. For business, there are a number of elegant long-sleeved shirts in restrained colors such as gray, beige or white. When buying, make sure that not only the waist is right, but also the collar width is matched to your figure.

Style a shirt in size 39 casual

There are also plenty of stylish shirts for leisure time. For example, models with plaid patterns or stripes look great in combination with a casual corduroy jacket and your favorite jeans. In addition to many different design options, you can also be missing between various fits. Shirts in size 39 is available, for example, in the trendy slim fit look, but also in the wider-cut Comfort Fit or the classic Regular Fit.