Shawl Collar Cardigans

Shawl Collar Cardigans

When it gets colder outside, you can not dress warm enough. A cuddly Cardigan with shawl collar is not only an effective protection against the cold, but is also still absolutely trendy.

Cardigans with shawl collar for him & her

The trendy cardigans impress with a visual special feature: The collar looks as if one would very casually wear a scarf around the neck. For relaxed leisure looks, these jackets are perfect. They are available for men as well as ladies and delight in many different fits. From the wide oversize jacket over waisted models to Long Cardigans everything is available.

Shawl collar cardigans – casual and chic

The shawl collar is realized in many different ways. Sometimes it merges harmoniously with the rest of the cardigan and sometimes it is clearly highlighted by a striking contrasting color. You can combine the trendy jackets with casual jeans and comfortable boots. It gets a little nicer if you wear the casual shawl-neck cardigan over blouse or shirt.