Tuesday , 12 September 2023


You wear this shirt size? Then they are about midfield and can wear any form of shirt without hesitation. From fashionable slim fit shirts to comfortable comfort fit shirts, anything is possible. In addition, you can join Shirts in size M. choose from numerous design variants.

This is how serious office outfits succeed

Shirts in size M. have a waist of 116 cm and a hull length of 82 cm. Size M is often referred to in Germany as size 39/40, so you can easily wear such shirts. So that you can come through the everyday life in style, there is Shirts in size M. in a variety of colors and designs. Businessmen who like to show their serious and competent side can turn to classic shirts in plain colors like white or blue. These models are easy to match with any suit and can be combined again and again.

A shirt in size M relaxed style

Even for casual and sporty men, there is a huge selection of men’s shirts in this size. Real nature boys, for example, can grab the cool lumberjack shirt, while sporty men are sure to be happy with the logo-printed leisure shirts. Even absolute trend shirts, for example with cool ethno patterns are available. No matter what type you are or for what purpose you need a new size M shirt, you will definitely find it here.