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Suit jackets – Outfit Ideas

Suit jackets – Outfit Ideas

Suit jackets are the eye-catching key element of the suits. The style of the suit depends on them. Whether as a two-piece suit with a two-button jacket, three-piece suit with a three-button jacket or jackets with one or two back slits – jackets define the suit to a considerable extent and give it its image. When buying business suits, pay particular attention to the style and, above all, the fit of the Suit jackets,

Suit jackets and their buttons

Suit jackets are distinguished in the first place about a feature that is the same to them all – the buttons. Then there are other characteristics such as the number and arrangement of the back slits or the style of the design. Only the number and positioning of the buttons determine the cut and the silhouette of the Suit jackets, so you can roughly differentiate the following types:

  • Two-button jacket
  • Three-button jacket
  • Double-breasted jacket

The different types each stand for different images of Suit jackets, The three-button jacket is traditionally the more classic variant, looks more serious and solemn as wedding suits.

How should suit trousers sit?

How dress pants must sit can not be described as a flat rate. Of course, they must not constrict. But they must not be cut too far, too long or too short. A good pair of pants sits comfortably in the crotch and thighs, yet close to the body. It does not interfere with movements, but is not a men’s sweat pants with all the comfort. From the knee, like men’s chinos or men’s jeans, they can have both a narrower and a straight, straight or slightly flared cut. These details ultimately determine the appearance and image of the suit trousers such as the suits. Young and modern dress trousers are characterized by some features that can be found in other men’s trousers. This includes:

He is not only worn with suit pants but is also the only jacket variant, which is used in a three-piece with additional vest use. Classically, it has a back slit. Although it has three buttons, only the middle button is closed when standing. When sitting, the jacket may be open.

In contrast to the three-button jacket, the two-headed jacket is the younger, sportier model. Originally used only for sports suits, it is now an integral part of business fashion. They make up a majority of jackets in men’s suits. Usually, these jackets are not worn with vest. It can come with one or two return slots and is always closed with the top button

The Entfant terrible among the Suit jackets is the double-breasted jacket – also called double breasted. Classically, this cut has no back slit. But there are modern interpretations that have two slots. Similarly with the style rules, whether one may open the double-breasted or not. In the established men’s fashion, only the bottom, outermost button is opened. Modern stylers revert to this rule and carry the Suit jackets also very open.

The right fit for suit jackets

The rules in terms of fit are similar for all suit jackets. As a first rule, you should feel comfortable in your suit. Then come the hard facts: sleeves are allowed to hang at the most arms down to the lower palm. It should always be at least one centimeter of the shirt sleeve to see. The jacket sits harmoniously on the shoulders. It is closed regardless of cut or body of the wearer with the button to be closed always seven inches above the navel. Even the shirt collar is about one to one and a half inches above the lapel out. The lapel itself is ideally located on the chest, but is allowed to lift a bit at will – especially if the wearer likes to wear his jackets a little tighter. Adhere to this advice, then nothing stands in the way of you and your well-fitting jacket.