Wednesday , 9 August 2023
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt- high quality fabrics for a comfortable fit

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt- high quality fabrics for a comfortable fit

A mounted polo player in action – the logo is recognized worldwide as a distinctive feature of the Ralph Lauren Polo brand. Born in the New York Bronx, the designer has been working in fashion since the age of twelve. Today, Ralph Lauren’s fashion style of luxurious understatement shapes the appearance of elegant style icons.

Ralph Lauren Polo – classic fashion for men and women

Although Ralph Lauren never earns a degree in fashion design, he is considered a pioneer of style-conscious clothing. He grows up with his Jewish parents in modest circumstances. The designer likes to refer to his rise to fashion czar as a lived-in American dream. Basketball star, Army or Fashion – he decides early on his job. Even as a teenager, he creates ties that are different: wider, more colorful, more striking. Contrary to expectations, the rebellious interpretations of the classic sell so well that the fine department store Bloomingdale’s attention to him. The extended product range brings out the American under the label Ralph Lauren Polo. Always anxious not to orient himself to others in his designs, but to go new ways, he creates a classic of fashion. The polo shirt with significant logo print has been an indication of an upscale lifestyle for decades.

Ralph Lauren Polo – high quality fabrics for a comfortable fit

The legendary polo shirt only adapts to the current trends in terms of color and occasional prints. Any further change would already be a break in style. The combination winner convinces solely by its quality and timeless elegance. Ralph Lauren Polo awakens the idea of ​​a life that invites you to dream. Dense forests, green meadows, well-kept garden parties – the country house style of New England stands for a sophisticated resting place in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The outward appearance of the Ralph Lauren fashion line gives the buyer casualness and harmony. Long sleeved trousers with turtleneck or plaid shirts for men are combined with cotton or corduroy trousers. Tasteful caps, hats and scarves perfect the relaxed style. Ladies love sophisticated dresses or silk skirts that guarantee a graceful appearance both at tea time and in the city. A fitting frame for the little ones offer clothing and noble toys by Ralph Lauren Polo.