Saturday , 23 September 2023
Flowing Blouses for everyday business

Flowing Blouses for everyday business

Flowing blouses

They are not only stylish everyday companions, which are suitable for numerous looks, but can also be worn well for various festive occasions and in business: the slightly falling, flowing blouses. The stylish models are in many colors and great patterns.

The unique effect of flowing blouses

The fine tops are made of lightweight, thin materials. For example, silk, chiffon, polyester or fine cotton blends for flowing blouses come into question. So that the effect of the flattering blouse comes to advantage, it should not be too figure-hugging. Slightly more fits are ideal. Because then the fabric can fall loose and play around the silhouette. Flowing blouses are true figure flatterers, which hide wonderfully a small belly and a little hip gold. Especially details, such as flounces, can emphasize the enveloping impression of the models.

Wear the flowing blouse in everyday business

If you are looking for work-style models, flowering blouses in classic colors like beige, white or light blue are the ideal choice. Simple designs that do not require much embellishment are best. They look serious and can always be combined again and again. You can wear a light cloth trousers and a pair of ballerinas or pumps and you will succeed in an elegant office look.

Stylishly dressed every day of the year

Casual flowing blouses are the perfect combination partner for feminine casual looks. As a contrast to the slightly wider cut blouse we recommend a figure-hugging pants. To make the look even more feminine, you can combine the blouse with a narrow belt and set your waist in a targeted manner. In your free time, you can wear blouses in flowing optics in any color. Bright yellow or pink, for example, are ideal for summer, while in autumn models in colors such as bordeaux red or fir green are well received. Flowing blouses in soft pastel colors set gentle accents in spring. These bright models harmonize wonderfully with white capri pants and light espadrilles.

Flowing blouses with an extraordinary or sexy touch

Even ladies with extravagant taste find a great flowing blouse. A real eye-catcher are, for example, airy light models with cut-outs on the shoulders. Seductive looks, on the other hand, can be realized well with transparent models. Underneath, you can just wear a bra or a top. That’s how you decide how much skin you show. These transparent blouses are also a good choice for a stylish party look.