Cardigans for women – always trendy

Cardigans for women – always trendy

cardigans for women – always trendy

It does not matter if it’s made of light cotton or a rough knit – fashionable cardigans for women There are many different looks. These are the warming companions the ideal garment for every season, because here are the most diverse styling possibilities.

The name Cardigan as a synonym for the cardigan has a long history: it has its name from the eponymous Earl of Cardiganwho introduced it in the 19th century. Because the light jacket mostly made of high quality wool is fine-knit, their effect is noble and allows him to Great addition for smart casual looks become.

From wool cardigans to summer cardigans: Elegant throughout the year

In winter come especially often thick cardigans made of wool for use. These Chunky knit jackets combine well with a longsleeve and keep you warm in cold temperatures. Made of soft knit, they are lying pleasantly light on the skin and therefore may also be worn solo. Long cardigans are especially cuddly in the cold season.

But even in warmer temperatures you do not have to do without a cardigan: Light summer cardigans complete a look around top and shorts or perfectly complement your summer dress. Especially on solemn occasions are short cardigans like fine boleros ideal, to cover the shoulders, In summer, choose cardigans made from cotton or polyester blends that will not make you sweat.

Casual ladies cardigans for leisure

In the leisure allowed Cardigans for women like to be worn casually. This offers the combination of Cardigan and T-shirt or Longsleeve on; while the jacket likes to stay open. Who to be Feeling for trends also wants to prove a wide leather belt. This is worn in this case over the cardigan at the waist and directs the view of one narrow silhouette,

Cardigans for women are available in many trendy colors. Since the jackets probably never go out of fashion, it’s not surprising that they’re in every season new fresh colors Be inspired – and inspire ladies of all ages in a fiery red, a deep blue or a summery orange.

This is how women integrate cardigans into their business look

Anyone who wants to wear his cardigans for ladies in the office, decides for fine cashmere models, These jackets are real luxury and make a great figure especially for an elegant, black cloth trousers. Thanks to the variety of styling options ladies can with a lightweight cardigan even replace the blazer over a blouse, In combination with a matching top, ladies’ cardigans become twin set, which turns out to be a wonderful pencil skirt or cigar-shaped pants. That’s how you create a lot dignified lookwhich is suitable for many occasions.