Tuesday , 19 September 2023
Wedding Suit for Men

Wedding Suit for Men

Stylish suits for the groom

Wedding Suits are a relatively young invention of menswear. At one time wears military uniforms, tails or in England partly at weddings a Cut-Away or a Stresemann. Today you are not necessarily casually dressed, but less traditional on the way. Rather, they are Wedding Suits a modern adaptation of the classics.

Wedding suits are characterized by a few interchangeable design elements, which at the same time set them apart from the usual business suit. In terms of color, the palette ranges between a bright champagne tone, a broad color range of different shades of gray and a matte or satin-shimmering black. There are also many color combinations as well as red or blue details and possible patterns from pinstripe to paisley. Other important styling devices for wedding suits are:

  • Jackets in dress or frock coat length
  • pronounced patterns on vest, tie or plastron
  • shimmering materials
  • festive accessories such as walking stick, cylinder, brooch

All these are things that are borrowed from the original evening wear or former menswear and reappear today in festive suits. However, wedding suits can have the advantage that you can wear them after the wedding ceremony to other festive events and not as the wedding dress hangs in the closet as a reminder.

The right wedding suits

Finding the right suit for such a wide selection of wedding suits is not always easy. Whether they are a more extravagant, more classic or more modern Wedding Suit or even choose a simple business suit for the registry office or the church is a type decision. Is your wedding classic? Or is your wedding party rather extravagant? In any case, reconcile yourself and your wedding suits with your partner, so that they both give a harmonious picture in front of the altar.