Thursday , 14 September 2023
Nadine H Blouses – Quality production with tradition

Nadine H Blouses – Quality production with tradition

The qualitative level as well as the design ideas of Nadine H. are characterized by the passion for an absolute classic of women’s fashion: the high-quality blouse. Other elegant items of clothing such as blazers and dresses can also be found in the collections.

Quality production with tradition: From men’s shirt to women’s blouse

The german label Nadine H. was founded in 1981. At that time, it emerged from the Lippstadt-based Georg Haupt clothing factories, which already have a 90-year tradition in the production of high-quality men’s shirts. And Nadine H’s women’s collections continue to benefit from their many years of experience to this day. The textile company deliberately strengthens Germany as a location, relies on selected production partners in Europe and takes advantage of a small team that can react flexibly to customer requirements and trends. When designing the blouses, the creatives of the house always target the wearer, who stands for her femininity, enjoys the modern lifestyle casually and attaches value to an elegant appearance.

The aesthetics of Nadine H fashion

As a rule, each garment of this brand is limited to a striking detail, such as a floral design, an unusual collar or extravagant cuffs. Thus, the blouses of Nadine H stand out from the mainstream, without appearing too expressive. The quintessence is a long-term fascinating aesthetics, which is signed by the high quality of the fabric. For example, pure silk is one of the preferred materials of the label. With the launched collections, Nadine H wants to appeal to women of different personalities at any age. To this mission fits the wide range of clothing wonderful, which covers the dress sizes 34 to 48.