Tuesday , 12 September 2023


Sporty or elegant: Just like shirts and t-shirts are also tops for women  important basic parts of every wardrobe. Mostly made of natural materials such as soft cotton or viscose or high-quality synthetic fibers that guarantee color and shape retention, they are made of comfortable tops with a sporty look and feel and thus a perfect companion in everyday life.

And as already mentioned: Almost no other garment can be styled so versatile, can be combined with so many different outfits, such as tops. Material, cut, color and design determine the look and feel of this garment. For example, a loosely cut satin model in a delicate pastel tone looks incredibly elegant. Are more sportive Tops Made of cotton with spandex and body-style cut. Incidentally, this variant is not only a popular piece of clothing for sports use. Thanks to the pleasant wearing feeling are Tops Stretch is also an important part of homewear. Together with sweatshirt and sweatpants they are the perfect companion on a relaxing Sunday on the sofa.

Every woman should have at least three different tops in her wardrobe. A blouse top made of a nobler material such as silk or satin. In a light color such as soft pink or cream, it can be perfectly styled for something more formal or for the office. Because in combination with a costume or a dark trouser suit, elegant tops are a chic alternative to the classic blouse. If you want to style blouse less formally, they also make a chic combination with loosely falling harem pants and sandals.

In addition to elegant tops should also be a slightly casual cut model of cotton in the wardrobe available. Choose a color you like best or is in the spotlight this season. These casual tops are perfect for a leisurely walk on the weekend, where they do not want to style too elaborately and still want to perform well dressed. In combination with Chucks, skinny jeans and denim jacket, this certainly works.

Lastly, you should be in possession of a top with spandex share. Thanks to the sleeveless cut tops are perfect for sports activities such as evening running or the exhausting yoga class. And if you do not feel like doing sports, then treat yourself to a comfortable day on the couch in the top.