Monday , 4 September 2023
High Waist Trousers

High Waist Trousers

Among the absolute trendsetters of this season are trousers with a high waist waistband. The stylish models bring chic retro charm with them, look very feminine and have a great visual effect for your figure. They have the property of visually stretching the body, concealing the abdomen and allowing the legs to appear longer. At the same time, a high waist trousers emphasize the existing curves in a tasteful way. This refined pants So they can be worn by very slender as well as curvy women.

Although high-waist trousers always have the high waist in common, there is a wide variety of different cuts. For example, skinny jeans conjure an attractive silhouette and emphasize the legs while flared pants to remember the Marlene look and bring even more vintage character with it. Also available as high waisted breeches. These models convey a stylish 60ies and 70ies flair and go perfectly with platform shoes and patterned tops.

The right high-waist trousers for every look

Depending on the fabric and outfit combination, you can create a variety of oufits with the high-waist trousers. Discover casual models made of cool denim, let yourself be inspired by velvety shiny corduroy trousers and convince yourself of the airy character of the thin fabric variants. Incidentally, high-waist trousers look best on a short or figure-hugging top. So the slim waist remains the focus of the look. For example, a crop shirt is suitable for this. The stylish belly-free look fits perfectly with the retro charm of the trend trousers. With a blouse tucked into the waistband, you get an elegant outfit.