Comfort-Fit Shirts

Comfort-Fit Shirts

They are wonderfully comfortable and therefore enjoy great popularity: the Comfort-fit shirts, The best way to combine them with suits of the same fit is for the perfect office outfit. But you also look just great with a pair of jeans.

The advantages of the Comfort fit fit

They are usually cut slightly wider than the regular-fit models. This means that the Comfort-fit shirt offers extra freedom of movement and is not too tight when sitting. This allows you to feel good all day long.

Large selection of Comfort-fit shirts: plain or with cool prints

The shirts are available in all imaginable colors and styles. For everyday business, for example, elegant models in plain colors such as white, beige or light blue are available. At leisure, you can become patterned Comfort-fit shirts in a lumberjack look or with cool tropical prints. Short sleeved versions are also available. They can be wonderfully combined with Bermuda shorts and sandals.

Comfort-fit shirts in different materials for summer and winter

The comfortable models can be made of many different materials. Typically, they are made of cotton. But there are also hot summer days Comfort-fit shirts made of silk or linen. These materials are particularly breathable and ensure an excellent body climate.