Saturday , 2 September 2023
Women’s Tank Tops

Women’s Tank Tops

Tank tops for women

For the tank Top, which originally comes from the field of swimming sports, there are now many uses. With their wide arm and neckline, the comfortable tops are especially popular for casual fashion. The variety of designs and cuts make them a trendy and figure-hugging basic.

A tank top not only serves as airy and functional sportswear, but is also suitable for a sexy leisure look. To tight jeans, tube pants and leggings it fits as well as trousers made of smooth leather. tank Tops for women are partly straight, partly cut on the waist or have a playful baby look. The variable lengths of the models provide many possible combinations.

The Tank Top combined with a unique layered look

With a tank top as the lowest layer of an outfit you create great compilations. Combine the different models over and over again with shirts, jumpers and jackets. Simply worn as an undershirt, refined necklines – for example, with lace trim – for variety. Even under short sweaters provides the appropriate longer tank Top for a whistle. Too bad to wear only under clothing, on the other hand, are models with exquisite patterns and motifs.