Saturday , 30 September 2023
Lace Top

Lace Top

The Lace Top is one of the must-haves of women’s fashion. Individual designs and colors underline your personal style & from romantic playful over classic elegant to seductive.

On Lace Top looks feminine and noble. Whether abstract elements, paisley or floral details: the patterns of filigree material are manifold. The upper part may consist entirely of the perforated material or have individual trims or borders. Especially sophisticated is a top with lace as an insert at the shoulders, in the back or on the décolleté. For a long time, lace was considered a fabric for expensive luxury fashion because it is lavishly hand-made. Today, the machining of lace from various materials makes the tops affordable. For the care of a machine washing at low temperatures and ironing at the lowest level is recommended.

Individual styling options for romantic and elegant lace tops

Whether for dancing, for drinking cocktails with your girlfriends or for a date: A lace top is ideal as a companion to go out. In the interplay of the elegant fabric with translucent skin, especially black lace is very seductive. Romantic and innocent, on the other hand, white lace seems. Thus, individual tops offer extensive styling possibilities. Add a casual touch to your outfit by combining a lace top with jeans and ballerinas. Simple elegance exudes a look with a pencil skirt and pumps. Playful is a colorful mini skirt. In addition, lace tops match the blazer as well as the cardigan. During the day, it is advisable to grab lace-trimmed tops, while in the evenings you’ll be catching everyone’s eye with a semitransparent top.