Sunday , 17 September 2023
Vests for suits

Vests for suits

tightening west belong to the noble details of the business and evening fashion. They give a suit a more formal character. Whether in a three-piece suit, for gentlemen’s jeans alone or for a casual combination of sports jacket and men’s Chinos – the men’s vests add a stylish detail to the ensemble.

Waistcoats and three-piece suits

Typically come tightening west in a combination of suit trousers and suit jackets in front. All three elements are made of the same cloth, creating a harmonious, uniform look of pinstripe, plaid or plain virgin wool or other material. In combination with a white shirt and a covered gray or black tie, a formal business style emerges, which is still commonplace in old-established business days.

How else to wear the men’s vests and what to look for is defined in an unofficial dress code of men’s fashion:

  • only the lowest button may or must be open
  • Any pockets are for change or a pocket watch
  • to show oneself in a vest and shirt alone is considered improper

These are old style rules that are no longer valid today. West have emancipated themselves from the image of mere accessory. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, the rules have broken.

You wore them open, in oversize or on bare torso – today you wear the tightening west again classically closed, with jackets over and in the traditional fit. This in turn means that the men’s vests are cut shorter again with the waistband at waist and above all, close, namely close to the body. And even if they are no longer just made of a coherent fabric, such as a suit, you wear the vest at least matching jackets and men’s jeans or men’s Chinos.

The special suit vests

A special value have waistcoat in the wedding fashion. Since they belong to the uniform in terms of fashion history and consequently to the formal wardrobe, they are also used in wedding suits. Here they are either in the same material and color held or set off contrasting. If you sit down, they are held in a light gray, a strong Bordeaux or a champagne tone. Optionally, the men’s vests still have a paisley or pinstripe pattern that recharges the garment with another solemnity.