Wednesday , 27 September 2023
Knitted Vests

Knitted Vests

They already exude a maximum of cosiness visually: cardigans, And you can enjoy just as much comfort when wearing these fashionable must-haves, which should not be missing in any wardrobe in autumn and winter.

Soft fabrics and casual cuts

These tops are not only fashionable, but also a real feel-good garment. From the mohair mixture to the material mix with alpaca content, you wrap yourself here in cuddly soft fabrics. Many of the cardigans come out completely without buttons or other closures, so that they fall loosely over your upper body and afford a correspondingly good view of your top. The more conspicuous the knitted vest is patterned, for example in the ethnic pattern or with decorative trim, the simpler the top should be underneath. Incidentally, trousers or skirts with a narrow cut are recommended for an open-cut knit vest, in order to highlight the proportions.

Cuddly knit vests for women

If the days are cooler, but it is still too warm for a long-sleeved cardigan, ladies can wear a knit vest as an alternative. Combined with a lightweight shirt, the vest gives you warmth right at the back, but gives you maximum freedom of movement. Unlike a cardigan, her underneath worn top continues to show off in a knit vest. Therefore, a combination of an elegant blouse or a beautifully patterned long sleeve shirt is recommended.