They are the tenderest temptation ladies’ outerwear has to offer. Let the feminine pink tops seduce and give your look a playful-elegant touch.

How to create great looks with pink tops

These tops can be worn all year round. In spring and summer they pick up the lightness and freshness of the warm season and shine with the ubiquitous colors to the bet. In the cold season they bring liveliness and make you stand out from the gray-in-gray pleasant. You can combine one pink Great for a fresh white, contrasting with a dark black or as a candy look to other pastel shades.

Exciting designs and great details

You will soon realize how diverse this color can be. From a delicate old rose to an intense and bright pink or fuchsia. Tops with a sporty racerback back are just as well represented as feminine spaghetti straps tops or noble silk models. pink Tops They are therefore just as wearable for the casual casual look as for the dignified business chic that does not always have to be gray and white. With subtle accents such as floral embroidery, lace pattern or lace trim, the tops are enriched with harmonious details.