Tuesday , 19 September 2023
Summer Skirts

Summer Skirts

They are feminine, sexy and wonderfully airy they inspire in many colors and shapes; summer skirts are perfect for the hot days of the year. In each season, they offer new looks and patterns that exude lightness and holiday feeling.

In midsummer there is nothing better than to give your legs freedom and to grab a loose skirt. The thin fabric is barely noticeable and allows enough air to the skin, so you do not sweat so fast. Thanks to a great variety of very different designs, there is the right one for every woman Sommerrock, It does not matter if you are the casual, the elegant or the sporty type. Classy and always portable are airy summer skirts in A-line in colors like white, champagne or blue. A pair of pumps and a short-sleeved blouse round out the outfit for the office. A little more conspicuous are the flared skirts in bright colors like yellow or orange. They immediately make you want to go on holiday and go perfectly with sporty print shirts and sneakers, but also with feminine crop tops or blouses. Wedge sandals complete the outfit.

Trendy looks with a light summer skirt

Diverse patterns are still fashionable this season and can also be found on summer skirts. Animal prints are great for wild, extravagant looks. Exotic floral patterns arouse our romantic side and are simply great for a hot season. In a classic way, it’s all about stripes for a navy look.

summer skirts are available in many different lengths. If you want to show a lot of leg, it’s best to go for the mini. In the job you are better advised with a midi model. The golden mean are skirts that end about a hand’s breadth above the knee. Real fashionistas take on the cool maxi skirt in the summer. It can be combined with the hip hippie look or very casual to the tank top. Leather sandals and retro-look sunglasses are a perfect match.