Sunday , 24 September 2023
Maritime Men's Fashion

Maritime Men's Fashion

Maritime fashion for men

It is not just a holiday classic. Also in the city will maritime Men's fashion always happy to wear. The colors blue and white and casually cut clothing, which nevertheless has a serious charisma, dominate.

What distinguishes maritime fashion for men

With a blue-and-white striped shirt, white linen trousers and white fabric sneakers, you can create an uncomplicated and casual maritime look for men. It gets a little nicer if you grab a white shirt instead of a T-shirt and combine it with a blue jacket. The look becomes really authentic with a double-breasted jacket with distinctive buttons. These jackets are visually reminiscent of captain's uniforms and simply look really chic.

How gentlemen create cool looks with maritime fashion

In rainy weather, maritime fashion for men is a great way to get through the day in style and at the same time not get wet. Rubber boots and rain capes with a large hood are back in fashion and make you think of a day on the high seas. Especially brave gentlemen grab a bright yellow rain cape. The others can show themselves in the classic dark blue model. The anchor motif has always stood for maritime fashion. Cool hoodies or t-shirts with an allover anchor print are especially worn by sporty men.

Round off the outfit with a cap & co

Sometimes it's just the accessories that make a look. With the right headgear, for example, you can instantly bring that certain something into your outfit. Red bobble hats or dark blue rolled-up bonnets, as you like to be worn by the sailors in northern Germany, namely, also fit wonderfully to the current street style look and bring at the same time maritime flair in the men's fashion. So many Elbe sailor hat has skilfully rounded off one or the other hipster outfit. The headgear looks really cool if a small anchor has been embroidered on the front.