Friday , 1 September 2023
Blue Dirndl – Always the right choice: Dirndl in blue

Blue Dirndl – Always the right choice: Dirndl in blue

Whether at the Oktoberfest or the folk festival next door, with a blue dirndl you will become a fashionable eye-catcher at the next big event. The assortment reaches from the noble dark tone over classic sea blue up to luminous and bright blue tones.

In all nuances something for every taste

Dirndl are made up of dress, apron and a short blouse. The latter is usually kept in bright white, so that it forms a successful contrast to the dress. With a bright baby blue you can realize an outfit in trendy pastel colors. This blue Dirndl For example, it can be easily combined with a pink apron bow. In the dark version, on the other hand, they have a very classic look and are also suitable for festive occasions such as a wedding or a christening.

Always the right choice: Dirndl in blue

An absolute trend color is light blue. More and more frequently, it can also be found on the traditional models. Either the dress or the apron can be kept in light blue. Often, the various parts of the Dirndls are composed of different shades of blue, creating a harmonious look. Glossy metallic surfaces or satin fabrics loosen up the designs and do that blue dirndl to a successful eye-catcher.