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Free Crochet Muffins Pattern

Free Crochet Muffins Pattern

Craft a cute chopped muffins pocket with this free pattern.

This cute cupcake is a fun design to crochet. It is processed with crafts, and the fine-tuned details are added for cross stitch and yarning.

Skill Level: Experienced

If you want to work with this pattern, but do not think of yourself as an experienced kroketer, let you do not let the difference quality scare you away.

On the one hand, this pattern is not complex; It is mostly in the enkelhårning, and no complicated design required. But you need to know how to make color changes, and you will also carry two inactive colors of yarn at all times. If you have not practiced tejpkroktekniken than, you will discover that maintain a consistent voltage in the whole paragraph can be a bit of a challenge.

If you have not yet tried tapestry, I recommend that you first work with a simple control panel pattern-it’s much easier than this cupcake pattern. The training piece will give you a good feel for the technique. If you manage to complete the painting, you will most likely to achieve success with this muffin as well.

Supply list

Yarn: You need four colors of yarn, as follows:

  • Color a: brighter pink (background color)
  • Color b: Tan (muffins)
  • Color c: darker pink (frost)
  • Color d: Red (cherry colour)-this may be scrap yarn. You only need a small part of it.

This project tests using hekletes  of yarn. The two pink colors are Cascade 220 wool, Tan is a nyspelad New Zealand wool yarn and the yarn is Paton’s classic red wool.

Crochet hook: You need a hook that is compatible with your chosen yarn or fiber.

Tapestry Needle: A type is necessary for to work cross stitch part of that pattern; It is also useful to weave in your loose ends when you are finished to hekla.

Finished size: This specimen measure about 8.5 inch square.

Abbreviations used in this pattern

  • ch = chain
  • SC = singelvirka
  • LM = plain Knit
  • St = stitch

Project instructions

To hekla square you will work with three of the four yarn color. Although the first four rows are processed in color A alone, wear the colors (B) and (C) from the beginning, and then continues to carry both your unused colors in the whole pattern is recommended.

This helps with two things: first, it helps you achieve the stitches that are more square than they otherwise would be. the barn yarns add the height of your stitches. Secondly, it makes it easier to maintain a consistent voltage everywhere.

Using color A, ch 29, start working with these muffins color scheme, do not raise the Red Xes on the chart; ignore them for now.

When you are finished with that hook in the chart, crochet a round of m around the edge of the patch with color A. I have 2 ch to form every corner.

For a little extra dimension, you can work around in the place where the border touches the outer edge of the charted design. If you look carefully at the picture you can see this little detail on the pilot project. This is optional, and the design would be okay without it.

Knit the cherry motive

Wood your fabric stick with the needle with color D. Use it to cross the cherries on top of muffins. Each red X on the diagram represents a cross stitch of the finished part.

After treatment by muffinen

Insert your hook in a place where the colors A, C and D relate to each other. Pull up a loop of color C and use it to work with a sketch of the plain stitches around the surface of the defrosting piping at muffinen. You will work these STS in the area where the colors A and C touch each other.

This is your opportunity to “clean up” the hard edges and make muffins as appealing as possible.Study the sample thoroughly; see how the pattern on the surface is used to outline the paragraph.

With the help of color D, work a round ythakiga the sliding stitch in a circle over the upper stick area. This makes the cherry motive seems to be circular rather than square. Finish color D and weave in loose ends.

Insert your hook in a place where the colors A, B and C touch each other. Pull up a loop of color B and workspace crochet stitch around the edge of the crazy Minister, working around the area where the colors A and B touch each other.

Late on. Weave in the loose ends remaining. Block scraps if desired.

Ideas for using this cupcake place

  • If you hook a lot of these boxes with many different colors and kid-friendly yarn, you can join the squares together to make a lovely baby Afghan.
  • Combine multiple boxes to make placemats or table runner.
  • Crochet two, sew them with fela pages before, and use the piece as a heat or large potholder.
  • Assuming you used a filtgarn to throw hekla,  in the washing machine and torktumret to know it;Depending on how it turns out, you can probably use everything as a hot pad or potholder.
  • There are million of other ways you can use this design, and I urge you to use your creativity and personalize it as you feel is appropriate. I hope you’ll have as much fun with it, and that your finished project will give you and your loved ones much pleasure.

Free Crochet Cupcake Chart

This hooked color scheme has a cupcake motif with a cherry on top.