Beautiful snail crochet patterns

snail crochet pattern how to crochet a snail - free pattern SWIKATC

A much appreciated feature we have with each time the song bag. A bag full of characters that represents a song, all children may stab down his hand into the bag and take out a figure that we’re going to sing about. I have scraped together some plush toys and filled out with pictures of animals, but a picture is not so …

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Cool free crochet hat patterns

free crochet hat patterns easy peasy slouch hat free crochet pattern PGIFUWM

Headed caps, and especially hats, is very popular hook designs. Almost everyone who’m crocheting hacked a hat at some point in time, often when learning the basics of how to hook in the round and how to work with crochet increases and decreases. Therefore, it is easy to download simple crocheted hats. Hook hats fit easily into any wardrobe, personal style and …

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Free Crochet Muffins Pattern

Free Crochet Muffins Pattern cupcake-free-pattern-hyy-3 FIYVMYF

Craft a cute chopped muffins pocket with this free pattern. This cute cupcake is a fun design to crochet. It is processed with crafts, and the fine-tuned details are added for cross stitch and yarning. Skill Level: Experienced If you want to work with this pattern, but do not think of yourself as an experienced kroketer, let you do not let …

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