Wednesday , 13 September 2023
Nice business shirts for men with style

Nice business shirts for men with style

Classic, elegant, modern: our collection contains a wide selection of Business shirts, Whether classic fit, comfort fit or slim fit, whether Kent collar, button down collar or classic shark collar, whether classic, easy-iron or wrinkle-free – find your shirt for every business occasion.

Nice shirts for men with style

Business shirts are, as the name describes them, intended for business life. The difference between Business shirt and casual shirts is in style. Shirts that you want to wear in combination with a suit must meet a number of criteria: they must have a certain length to fit in the men’s trousers, they must have a restrained style and be made of particularly fine materials. The fashionable one Business shirt is often made of thinner yarn and lighter than, for example, the flannel shirt. It must match the business dress code of men’s fashion. This means that the business shirt harmonizes with the suit when put together. Men’s shirts are variable in terms of colors and patterns, can be striped, checkered and provided with different collar. A black merino wool suit can be combined with almost any color. Crash optics, slogan prints or motif prints are included Business Shirts rarely seen.

Collar shapes for your business shirt

The modern business shirt is characterized by a body-hugging cut and the usual collar shapes, such as Kent collar or shark collar. The button-down collar that is popular with the business shirt in America is now also popular with us, but is worn in a shorter form and with a small tie knot on the shirt in Europe. When fitting, make sure the business shirt is close to your body, but not tense. Wide, box-shaped cuts and fabrics made of solid material, such as denim or flannel are uncommon, yet find use in some designer collections.