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Knitted Sweater for men

Knitted Sweater for men

Artne of men’s pullover

Men’s sweater have the advantage that there are no limits for you. This way, the fine knit models can be worn in both leisure and business. Classics such as the plain-colored cashmere pullover with round neck or simple V-neck pullovers can be worn alone or in combination with men’s shirts. But also constellations with men’s jeans like suit trousers and jackets are welcome outfits. Other typical Men’s sweaters, which are suitable for both the office floor and for brunch, are:

  • Troyer (a long-sleeved version with stand-up collar and short button placket or optional zipper)
  • Turtleneck sweater (perfect for sports jacket or navy blazer)
  • Sweater with polo collar (A winter version of the polo shirt and an alternative to the shirt)

It remains to be noted: the finer the workmanship and the more subtle the pattern (ideally plain colors), the sooner a sweater is suitable for the office. In a position in which mainly business looks – so black suit, white shirt and black tie – are worn are Men’s sweater generally inappropriate.

Men’s sweater like Norwegian pullover or tennis pullover

However, there are also types that are worn almost exclusively in their free time – reason for this are, for example, eye-catching details. A typical casual Men’s sweaters about is the Norwegian sweater. This sweater is characterized mainly by its wintery designs with snowflakes and ice crystals. He is the typical men’s sweater for winter sports. Another classic among the jumpers, as sweaters are called in English, is the tennis pullover. He is characterized by both his eye-catching pigtail as well as the large V-neck. This is color Men’s sweaters white to off-white and has contrasting hems at collar and waistband. As the name suggests, it has its origins in early sports fashion. As one still exercised athletically in a form of the everyday clothes and one did not put still exclusively on functionality and advertising place for sponsors, were long pants and pullovers usual sportswear.