Sunday , 24 September 2023


Fred Perry T-shirt – pioneering a new fashion style

Fred Perry, the co-founder of the fashion label of the same name, even comes from the typical English working class that existed in England until the middle of the last century. Perceived by the entire population as a successful tennis player with an exceptionally authentic personality, he breaks through the social boundaries of the time. So it is hardly surprising that his fashion label has become the trademark of a whole generation. The Fred Perry T-shirts as well as polo shirts are among the essential components of a completely new fashion style, created in the 50s, especially the so-called mods. The Mods are a youth movement dedicated to the world-famous rock band The Who with their own film “Quadrophenia”: The cinematic and musical homage to a time in the lovingly souped-up scooters, fine designer suits, sneakers and Fred Perry T-shirts Part of a lifestyle that was a social revolution and is still an integral part of the world of fashion today.

Fred Perry T-Shirt – status symbol of several generations

For the first time, the term T-shirt appears probably in the 20s of the last century. It takes another 30 years for the garment, which was previously used exclusively as an undershirt, to make its triumphal march and become established for everyday use in the segment of outerwear. Thanks to Hollywood in particular, the T-shirt stands for the irresistible touch of the rebellion against the establishment, which the British youth movement gratefully picked up in the 1950s. The Fred Perry T-shirt of the current collection is almost identical in form to its many predecessors. Characteristic are the round neck as well as a straight cut. Available in a wide range of colors, the Fred Perry T-shirt is an excellent match – from sneakers of the same brand to bags and other fashion accessories. Fred Perry is a traditionally grown brand that retains its original authenticity, setting the pace in the fashion world for generations to come.