Thursday , 28 September 2023
Long Winter Quilted Coat for women

Long Winter Quilted Coat for women

The quilted coat for women – elegant fashion for every occasion

When temperatures drop and the days get shorter again, it’s time for the new fall fashion. In the process, long trousers and pretty coats are used again and short tops and airy tunics have to sit a little further back in the wardrobe. Above all, the quilted coat for women is still a true classic for cold days. The coats are either knee-length cut or convince as Maximäntel. Long coats conjure up a slim silhouette and stretch the figure in addition. With it a long one Steppmantel not too voluminous, it should be kept in muted tones.

Especially the colors beige and black are widespread and also lie with a coat in navy Ladies always right. Anyone who chooses a knee-length coat, however, may like to use more striking colors at the same time. Here are to each new season a few true trend colors and a Steppmantel in purple, red or emerald is just something very special. In addition, colorful coats on gray days prove to be a real mood brightener. Ladies, who like it less conspicuous, resort to discreet variants. Here you can take care of a fashionable handbag or a large scarf for a fashionable accent.

A quilted coat for ladies as a leisure and office outfit

In contrast to the down coat, a quilted coat looks more classic and elegant. The coats convince with fine seams that emphasize this characteristic look. However, the seams are only on the surface and the coat is always narrow and does not wear – without thick lining. Therefore, a quilted coat for the most different types of figures is highly recommended. With a cloth pants or a trouser suit, such a coat looks particularly chic. For the way to work or have a festive event Ladies thus always an ideal companion. If it should be a bit casual in your free time, offers a combination with classic jeans. Depending on the taste, boots or winter pumps are used for this outfit and the casual look is ready.