Monday , 18 September 2023
Suits in size 25

Suits in size 25

Do you know the problem? Your new two-piece suit sits perfectly on the shoulders and waistband, but the too-long sleeves and pant legs always need to be reversed. The solution is suits in short sizes. Also in size 25 In this way you will find a wide selection of trendy models that sit really well. The right cut ensures harmonious proportions.

Quick look over long jackets and make your figure look upset. Choose one instead size 25 a suit with a straight and short-cut jacket that stretches you visually – preferably in the version with two buttons. In combination with a classic pleated trousers and pinstripe pattern you underline the positive effect.

Modular principle or set – choose your suit in size 25

Depending on which type of figure you are or if you have specific wishes regarding the color combination, you can choose your own Suit in size 25 to choose as a complete ensemble or variable items. If you want to shop for a complete look, choose a timeless classic in gray, black or navy, which you will always be able to wear. If you want to customize the parts even more individually to your style and different clothing sizes of upper and lower body, imagine the suit individually together.