Modern pencil skirt – stylish in fresh colors

Modern pencil skirt – stylish in fresh colors

Pencil skirt: the timeless fashion partner for the business world

With its thoroughly elegant touch, it is far more than the mere alternative to office-ready trousers: For decades, the business skirt has been an integral part of the dress code of the business world. Probably the most recognizable feature of this established garment is its figure-hugging fit with a slightly tapering cut. Originally the skirt appears clearly emphasized in terms of look and design. Black or gray form the preferred colors for this elegant yet pleasantly unobtrusive look. With a waist-high seat and centrally placed slit one of these acts pencil skirt often suitable for blouses, blazers and more.

Over time, the dress code has loosened and made room for new fresh designs. Matching cache-coeur-style cardigans and airy tunics pencil skirts with colorful patterns or prints. Anyone who likes to be self-confident in the office relies on floral, baroque-inspired motifs or leo patterns. Some skirts play optically refined with such details, by placing the pattern on one side only and the other remains monochrome. This creates a great contrast between classical and modern.

Unlike their origins, business fashion today is much freer in terms of color and design. So it is hardly surprising that a wide range of designer creations is available when looking for the right skirt for the office. Wine red or a rich navy blue add a touch of elegance to the look while still providing a casual look. For checkered or otherwise patterned blouses in black and white are ideal match cream or tones from the coffee range. If the outer clothing is covered, then the pencil skirt quietly be something more conspicuous. Khaki, fuchsia or lilac bring color into everyday life in an appealing way.

Great combinations are also created with striking materials. Classically, many skirts are made of wool or polyester. Leather gives feminine fashion partners a certain nonchalance. The leather skirt in combination with an elegant shirt blouse looks particularly stylish. Also in terms of details, the designers like to take on new. Brands like Gardeur or Hugo love the game with contrasts. Differently colored cuffs are used as well as opposing materials, for example leather strips on soft new wool. Decorative accents regardless of style and color, the waist belt sets in shiny look with silver buckle.