Monday , 25 September 2023
Raincoats – water repellent and windproof

Raincoats – water repellent and windproof

Wear these raincoats and you also trumpet: “I’m singing in the rain …”. You can always get upset by the rain and be surprised by a thunderstorm in spring as well as in summer, autumn or winter. It is all the better if your women’s and men’s coats are water repellent and windproof. Characteristics that crown coats to indispensable companions, so you can raincoats can call.

Raincoats – companion in any weather

The classic of raincoats is the Friesennerz. Blasting yellow, gummed and 100% water-repellent, the inhabitants of the North Sea coast as well as the boatmen all over the world have made themselves obese. If you really want to get wet, the best option is – and definitely more tasteful than a makeshift plastic sheath. However, if this style is too casual, you can fall back on classic coat cuts, which are also available as raincoats:

  • Slipon coat
  • trench Coats
  • duffel coat

Each of these cuts are available as impregnated raincoats from different companies such as Jake * s, MCNEAL or Christian Berg Men or Christian Berg Women. A special classic under heading Weatherproof and water-repellent clothing is the wax jacket by the English traditional company Barbour. To grow or to oil textiles was one of the early methods of impregnation. Today, raincoats are mainly made of synthetic fibers or natural fibers are refined so that they are also water-repellent.

Raincoats and raincoats

Especially in outdoor fashion rain jackets have replaced the raincoats. Due to their short cut, the modern women’s jackets and men’s jackets offer more freedom of movement during hiking and sports. However, the coats are more classic. They are ideal companions for the urban space and are best suited for a business look. A coat that has stood out here is the English Slipon or raincoat.

Typically, the classic business ruffles are made in a beige. He has a concealed button placket, flap pockets to reach through and consists of a particularly wind- and water-repellent Garbadinestoff. It is the same material for which the trench coat is so well known. His raglan sleeves set him apart from the rest of business fashion coats such as the Covert Coat or Chersterfield. They give the wearer a lot of freedom of movement and have a characteristically strongly falling shoulder line, especially in the one-piece version.

The sporty counterpart to the Slipon is the trench coat. It is also made of garbadine fabric, but with its double button placket, waist belt and many details, it looks much more casual. With its large turn-down collar, storm latches and lashable sleeves, it is one of the toughest raincoats,