Thursday , 21 September 2023
Women’s Winter Knit Coats

Women’s Winter Knit Coats

A knit coat is the ideal companion for autumn and spring

If the temperatures are not cold enough for the winter coat or not warm enough in spring, the question arises of the right outfit. A knit coat is then the ideal choice. It can be worn both outside and inside. In contrast to the cardigan, the knit coat is longer. The length varies from thigh to ankle length. Many knit coats can be found knee length. A thin knit coat can be worn well under a light coat. But he should not be longer than the outdoor coat. You will find the knit coat a wide range of colors. Black looks very elegant. Note, however, that a knit coat can easily dominate because of its black length. If this is too severe for you, you can lighten the look with a luminous lower part or pretty cloths. Warm brown or beige tones correspond to the trendy autumn look. Anthracite and gray tones look classy and can be combined well. knitted coats You will not only find uniforms, but also patterns, for example the trendy Norwegian pattern. This fits perfectly in the late autumn and agrees on the winter.

Belts or buttons? A knit coat is versatile

A knit coat is often closed with a belt or a few buttons. Some models have no closure device. This one carries especially in the indoor area, for example, over a tight top. A knit coat always has something playful about it. Even the softly falling wool fabric causes this impression. A flowing cut and voile in the front reinforce the playful character. Often you will find in a knit coat long or three quarter length sleeves. With a tight long-sleeved top you create a trendy layered look with a three-quarter-length knit coat. Very nice look at knitwear boots with a high shaft. High heels create an elegant and feminine look. But even ankle boots can be combined well with a knit coat. With a colored scarf or scarf you set striking accents. This brings a happy mood in gray autumn days. Under a knit coat you combine best pants. If the knit coat is not too long and wide, you can also choose a skirt. Especially suitable for pants like skirts are models that are cut close to the figure. With a pair of jeans and high leather boots, a knit coat is the perfect outfit for a nice fall or spring walk.