Wednesday , 20 September 2023
Winter coat – – THE CLASSICS

Winter coat – – THE CLASSICS

Coats are among the most important garments of outerwear for women and men Men’s, The difference to jackets here is often very fluent. Mostly they only differ in length. While jackets usually cover only the buttocks, coats usually end just above the knee or even reach to the ankle. Depending on the cut, shape or material, a distinction is made between different coats. Thus, depending on the occasion, style and discretion always find the right coats.

Currently the following are in the men’s and women’s fashion Coats modern:

  • Capes
  • duffle
  • trench Coats
  • down Coats
  • Parkas


Every winter it starts again: the search for the right jacket or the optimal one coat, And that often turns out to be extremely difficult. Finally, should Coats sit well and provide ample space for thicker garments underneath. They should be just as comfortable and comfortable to wear. However, the most important factor when buying a coat is the combination of the look and the ability of the wearer warm to keep.

Stylish alternatives provide designers and fashion brands every year in trendy colors, cuts and shapes. If you want to be careful, invest in a classically cut wool coat in muted color such as black, gray or navy. On coat with quilting and down filling should also be missing in any wardrobe. Because these coats also withstand the ultimate cold and donate even at the lowest temperatures pleasant warmth. Amongst other cultivating coats are parkas, trench coats and the duffle coat. All of them have been worn equally by men and women in the winter season year after year. It is their special design and qualities as heat donors that make them true classics in the field of coats. Parkas convince with their warm hood and the casual cut. Duffle coats become special eye-catchers with their smart toggle clasps and are particularly attractive due to their thick woolen material warm, Trench coats, on the other hand, are usually sufficiently warming only for the transitional period. In this type of coats, it is the very classic design with epaulettes, belt strap and arm catches that make them such coveted models.