Monday , 11 September 2023


For over 100 years, the American company represents New Balance produce high quality shoes. The beginnings of the label lie in a small shoemaker workshop in Boston: The English-born William J. Riley sold with great success orthopedic shoes and custom-made insoles. From the 1940s onwards New Balance in the sports shoe market and produces special shoes for the sports running, tennis, baseball, basketball and boxing. In 1961, the company revolutionized the running shoe market with the so-called Trackster, the first running shoe with grooved sole in various widths. This innovative concept is still one of the cornerstones of the worldwide success of New Balance,


The name New Balance comes, according to company founder William Riley himself: Fascinated by his chickens, which keep perfectly balanced with their three claws, he developed according to her model three-pronged models for his deposits and gives his name to the company New Balance, Today, the American company is one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world with more than 4,000 employees. New Balance shoes, however, are made exclusively in the UK. There are also various production sites in the USA. In addition to running and casual shoes, New Balance sells sportswear and accessories for women, men and children.

Recreational and professional athletes appreciate New Balance sports shoes mainly because of their perfect fit. Many models are available in the four different widths narrow, medium, wide and extra wide. This custom fit guarantees a firm hold and high wearing comfort for every foot shape. That's why New Balance shoes are some of the best running shoes in the world and receive regular awards.

The trendy design of the brand has also contributed to the success of this traditional company. Brilliant colors, sophisticated material combinations and the famous N logo are trademarks of New Balance running shoes and make them a true hit even outside the sports field. Combined with the sporty leisure outfit or the urban streetwear look, the sneakers from Flimby in England have become absolutely socially acceptable.