Saturday , 23 September 2023
Culotte Pants for Women

Culotte Pants for Women

Fashionistas beware: The current trend in women’s clothing carries the sonorous name culotte and excited with one casual, feminine look and a comfortable fit, The trendy models are one Combination of pants and skirt and are suitable for various fashionable outfits.

Culotte or pants skirt?

A pants skirt is, as the name suggests, a pair of pants with extremely wide-legged, so initially the impression can be that it is a skirt. This fashion trend came already at the beginning of the 20th century – at that time pants for women were still frowned uponso she with the pants skirts a clever alternative had found.

The traditional culotte, however, was for men and was tight. From the appearance of the culotte at that time, however, only one thing remains: the length. Culottes are enough to just under the ankle or end under the knee, At the waist, they are cut very narrow, so that the female figure remains visible. However, ladies’ culottes are nowadays mostly cut very far, So, in the current fashion, talking about culottes and trouser skirts is usually the same type of pants meant.

Combine the culotte pants with style

Due to the wide cut on the leg, the pants in combination with tight-fitting tops are especially great. Anyone who still wears a comfortable oversize blouse, it’s best just in the waistband. This will not obscure the waist and the casual look remains very feminine, The skirts are, despite their unusual shape true all-rounder, which you can wear at every opportunity. There is for the office discreet models in black or gray, which look very serious with a pair of pumps and a short blazer. A Culotte in white however, it is the right basis for you airy summer look, Simply combine this pant with a top in bright turquoise and a pair of fashionable thong sandals – you are already perfectly dressed for a day on the beach or in the summer city.

Pants skirt: long and festive for special occasions

An elegant trouser skirt is ideal for ceremonial occasions such as a wedding, christening or a corporate party. Long, festive pants skirts are one wonderful alternative for ladies who wear unkempt skirts and dresses, For example, use a culotte with fine pinstripes for such an occasion. Wool or cotton models, maybe even with Iron-on or pleats, look serious and are therefore also suitable for professional events. A delicate top made of silk or chiffon is the ideal combination partner for elegant models. Strappy heels with a narrow heel complete the outfit tastefully.

En vogue: culottes for leisure

Trendsetters can make a splash in their free time with colorful patterned trousers. For example, how about a flashy model by Ted Baker that comes with a striking floral print and bright colors comes along? Still extravagant, but a little dignified, it goes, for example Trouser skirts in polka dot style to. This dots pattern is timeless and beautiful and can be quite combined for example with red high heels and a loose blouse. There are also athletic ladies Jeans Culottes, Extravagant ablutions give the pants skirt made of denim its very special character. Sneakers and print shirt make the sporty look perfect.