Friday , 15 September 2023
Spray feminine elegance with the peplum dress

Spray feminine elegance with the peplum dress

Dresses with peplum

Style icons like Dita von Teese and Victoria Beckham have long since succumbed to his charm, and countless fashionistas have since discovered his assets as well – we’re talking about the peplum dress. This form of dress is characterized by a characteristic cut, in which in the hip area on the fabric additionally valises are attached, which then fall loose and slightly swinging down to about the hips down. The usually rather narrow silhouette of the dress is loosened up by the peplum something, which creates a wonderfully feminine hourglass figure.

You can enrich your wardrobe with a very feminine look that gives you a Dress with peplum allows. It is particularly suitable for distinctive and graceful outfits and can be from girlish-playful to timelessly elegant. You can wear a peplum dress whenever you want it to be a more stylish dress code. And by the way, such a model is also a real Figurschmeichler, because it conceals visually one or the other small problem area on the stomach. Whether for an elegant dinner or the office chic – a chic Dress with peplum In any case, it is a charming eye-catcher that perfectly emphasizes your femininity without being overdressed.

Peplums can also be found on blazers, skirts or blouses where they set charming accents. In the best case, the other wardrobe is rather narrow, because the flounces are the best way to complement the close-fitting cut.