Friday , 15 September 2023


Adorable: A cocktail dress in pink

A cocktail dress in pink is one of the most sought after evening dresses. But the love of many ladies to color pink goes far beyond that. Many wear this color on their wedding day and do not give their groom the "yes" word "all in white". Who dreams of his wedding in pink, will find a huge offer. Pink is next to champagne the trend color when it comes to wedding fashion. Even the bridesmaid will quickly find the right one cocktail dress in pink (for example from LAONA with lace trim). Who plans a dress code for the guests, should be sure that none of the ladies appears in a pink ball gown that is too similar to the wedding dress. Otherwise, the bride's wearer might steal the show. Whoever is insecure as a guest, whether their own cocktail dress in Rosa, which is too much like the bride's, prefers to ask. In case of doubt, use a white or silver sash, stole or bolero. The cocktail dress in pink shines a bit more discreetly.

A cocktail dress in pink: Is there a pink gene?

But where does the love of many women for a cocktail dress in pink? Is pink a classic girl or woman color? Is there a pink gene? Interestingly enough, Rosa was reserved for the boy about 100 years ago. Red was the color of the kings and Rosa was a weakened form, "a little red", so to speak. Therefore, it was not surprising that Princess Astrid from Belgium decorated the cradle of her son rosa. If you take a closer look at the stained glass windows, you will notice that blue is the color of St. Mary and therefore the color of the girls. How it came about that the colors were reversed over time is unclear. Maybe it was due to the blue jeans, which was initially worn only by men. Although these conventions no longer play a role today, the color code is still stubborn. For a dress can cause all the more attention, if the old color laws are disregarded. So there is no pink gene. Nevertheless, who applies cocktail Dresses puts in pink, attracts attention. The warmth and romance that a cocktail dress in pink signals, stimulate the imagination and playfully emphasizes soft character traits. On pink cocktail dress or cocktail dress in pink always ensures a magical appearance.