Ring Shirts

Ring Shirts

They are popular fashion classics that should not be missing in any wardrobe: striped shirts, Integrated in stylish maritime looks or trendy streetwear fashion, they look equally good. They are the perfect basics for casual looks of all kinds. In addition to the typical blue and white ringed model, there are of course shirts in many other great color combinations.

Ringelshirts in different shapes and colors for women

The ladies can choose from a wide assortment of trendy tops. For the summer, there are short-sleeved models made of lightweight fabric, in winter you can access long-sleeved variants. You can also look forward to numerous fits. The figure-hugging dress shirt, which is also optionally available with a sporty collar, presents itself quite classically. These models look great with skinny jeans and white sneakers. A little more casual striped shirts with a straight fit or oversize look. This fits a boyfriend jeans and fashionable loafers.

This is how men combine the timeless tops

The gentlemen also like to use the striped shirt. Very popular are figure-hugging slim-fit models. For example, they look great on a denim jacket or a biker jacket. Even the classic polo shirt is often provided with chic stripes. You can combine this with blue chinos and a pair of bright sailing shoes to create a maritime look. Spring is going with it striped shirts in bright pastel colors too. These models harmonize wonderfully with beige trousers and a pair of simple slippers.