Wednesday , 20 September 2023


Bringing glamor and naturalness into perfect balance – this is the goal of the brand Menbur set. Initially with a focus on leather goods, the small Spanish artisan business run by the Mena family in 1967 receives its groundbreaking impulse from Francisco Mena. The first handbags are moving into the range, paving the way for the brand Menburas you know it today. Elegant bridal and evening wear on the one hand, festive accessories on the other hand determine the portfolio of the company based in Spain. Dances since the early 90s Menbur on international fashion parquet. The focus is still on the festive pioneers of the label: bags in stylish shapes and colors.

Menbur – Clutches with feminine elegance

Especially popular in the area of ​​accessories are the Menbur clutches. Sometimes graceful, even extravagant, they turn the most diverse occasions into fashionable events. For the elegant effect of the bags is particularly responsible for the choice of fabrics: Satin determines the collections of Menbur and ensures the natural glamor. Simple models in cream tones and with a discreet look convince fashion lovers as well as those with sophisticated tulle sheath.

While rosé, white and beige focus on tried-and-tested shades, the details reveal the joy of experimentation. Floral applications, beads, ruffles and bows give the Spanish creations their graceful charm. With filigree necklaces or gemstones are found under the Menbur bags a variety of fashionable arrangements.

The typical balance of the brand is also reflected in the other bag creations. Menbur bags made of satin deliberately break with the classic shape and bring movement especially in simple outfit compositions. Here, too, comes something big: incorporated loops, rhinestones and tulle help the wearer to a glamorous appearance. Whether it’s a bag or a clutch: when working with the Menbur accessories, the Spanish family company benefits from its own roots. Detachable chain straps, clip fasteners for quick closure, and pockets in the inner part reflect the numerous experiences with leather goods.