Wednesday , 20 September 2023


Evening dresses of mascara

In the evening dresses of mascara, you will feel at home at an opera gala as well as at a private party – because the models are wearable for numerous occasions.

The robes and cocktail dresses of Mascara create a beautiful silhouette in all sizes and are therefore very popular with style-conscious ladies. The focus here is on the narrow waist or a well-groomed décolleté in the various designs. Above all, young ladies love the short evening dresses that end above the knee and often have an asymmetrically cut skirt. They are perfect for showing slender legs – especially when wearing high heels with a charming ankle strap. Mascara evening dresses are available in many attractive colors such as coral, royal blue or turquoise. Shoulder-free models are equipped with incorporated cups, so that ladies can wear them even without a bra. A short or short hairstyle sets the shoulder region in scene and fits perfectly with these models. With a masculine-cut blazer to the dress, on the other hand, you will succeed in a fascinating cross-dressing effect: the tight-fitting jacket and the feather-light evening dress made of chiffon or high-quality synthetic fiber create a very chic contrast.

Mascara evening dresses for festive occasions

The floor-length dresses by Mascara are suitable for particularly festive occasions and flatter with flowing fabrics and accentuated waist of your figure. Discreet decorative elements, such as small rhinestones on the neckline or a trim with tiny sequins, make a glamorous eye-catcher. Dark blue and black are always in fashion. The same is true for delicate powder tones that look just as magical on pale skin as on a slightly tanned complexion. With an evening dress in bright red or green, you are certainly the center of attention. A small bolero jacket in a matching color complements the dress perfectly – as well as pumps with narrow heels or closed high heels.