Friday , 29 September 2023
Cinque Cimelotti Suits

Cinque Cimelotti Suits

The suits of the Italian manufacturer Cinque stand for style and sovereignty. As a companion in your professional life or on festive occasions, the exclusive models are perfect. The Cimelotti line by Cinque is available in the trend-setting slim-fit and versatile colors.

Quality at its best

Made from a high-quality new wool mix with a stretch content, the suits of the label offer a high wearing comfort despite the figure-hugging fit. The jackets have two buttons and are equipped with flap pockets. A slim lapel completes the design skillfully. You can the Cinque Cimelotti Buy suits either in a practical set or put your own trousers and jacket together. This is particularly advantageous if your dress sizes differ in jacket and pants.

Always well dressed with Cimelotti of Cinque

The brand also impresses with its color variety. For everyday work there are, for example, models in light gray or timeless dark blue. On festive occasions, you can also grab a black variant. This harmonises wonderfully with black leather shoes, a white shirt and a tie of your choice. For particularly elegant events, you can Cinque Cimelotti Suit well with a bow tie.