Friday , 29 September 2023
Winter knit poncho for women

Winter knit poncho for women

The poncho is a traditional South American garment that is becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes. Especially the knit Poncho it has done to us. This is partly due to its high wearing comfort and on the other hand to the casual look that is possible with the chic parts. For the transitional period is the poncho made of knitwear also a great alternative to the jacket.

Classically, the poncho consists of a kind of blanket with a hole for the head. Meanwhile, there are also many open variants, which are worn similar to a cardigan. Casual fringes emphasize the casual look of the knit poncho. Since he is cut very far, he looks good to a skinny jeans or leggings. The offer ranges from plain-colored models to variants with a classic check pattern to knitted ponchos with wild animal prints. Crochet variants are available for the summer. They give a view of the underlying top, so that great contrasts can be set.

Cleverly combine the poncho

Trendsetters can let their imagination run free and combine the different poncho types according to their mood. Currently absolutely hip: The Wild West style. A patterned poncho is simply worn with casual jeans and western boots. The brave ones round off the look with a cowboy hat. Of course, the poncho can also be really sexy. Choose an open variant from chunky knit. That sounds a little tempting at first. But coarse knit goes perfectly with fine materials such as silk, lace or chiffon. A feminine dress with transparent cut-outs immediately stands out under any casual poncho.

Many bags that are worn over the shoulder, can hardly agree with the garment. However, that does not mean that you have to do without the most important ladies accessory. For example, shoulder bags work wonderfully with the trendy companion. For shopping trips or everyday life, they are ideal. On more chic occasions, you can grab the clutch or choose a handbag that is held in the hand with a small handle.

It does not matter if it’s a classic or a forward open version, both are cuddly warm. You do not have to worry about it getting too cold under the garment. The layered look creates heat cushions made of air, which ensure a pleasant body climate. On particularly cold days, you can of course also combine it with a warm knit sweater. So you do not cool down guaranteed! The more subtle the lower part, the better the poncho comes into its own. Simple colors and rather thin materials are the best choice here. At least the open variant is not immune to strong winds. But here can quickly create a fashionable belt remedy. The not only ensures optimal grip, but also conjures up a feminine silhouette.